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2017 CRBC Kits: Update

Update 9/1/17

Good news, everyone.

The Fit Kits are available at Coastline as of Friday 9/1, and will be available for the following week.


If you received a Skin Light jersey that is too tight:

Please return it at Coastline and write on the form what size you would like for the replacement. Check your size against the fit kit, then double check your size against Safetti’s size chart on their website.


Please note that the fit kit at Coastline is the Skin Light jersey only. A “Basic” fit kit is not available at this time, but Safetti has assured us we will have one in the fall.  I can say from experience that the Basic jersey fits as expected based on the size chart on their site. Look at it carefully. Pay no mind to the designation of the size (XL, 2XL, etc,) go by the actual measurements. For example: I am typically an XL club cut, I ordered the 3XL Basic.


You may replace your previously ordered Skin Light jersey with a Basic if you prefer, but the price will remain the same.

If you are out of town and would like to replace your Skin Light jersey using the vendor's size chart as a reference, you may do so. Please return your jersey directly to Safetti. You may contact them here: Safetti USA. If you would like to wait until fall to check the fit kit, you may do so.

If you didn’t order a jersey yet, and would like to now:

Please feel free to do so. There will be a discount code for all new orders, as there was with the previous round.


If you are owed socks:

You may be pick up at Coastline, please check your name off the list when you do so.


If you would like to purchase a pair of socks:

We have extras, they are $11.00/pair. No need to order thru the vendor.



We have 2 dresses available for purchase as well. Please see Tina.

Thank you for your continued patience.

For the committee,